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Listening to you

Paul practices community outreach and listening to constituents.

A record of public engagement

During his time on the Parks and Community Services Board, Paul has participated in numerous public forums where many Bellevue residents have told him their hopes, concerns, and frustrations about parks in the planning process.

While he always does his homework with respect to the available data, he recognizes the limitations of top-down decision-making. Paul knows that your perspective provides crucial context to make sense of the complex challenges facing the city.

Every neighborhood is unique.

Newport Hills has different concerns than Bridle Trails, Lake Hills, Factoria, or Downtown – and vice versa! That’s why Paul has gone out into the neighborhoods frequently and will continue to do so: on Neighborhood Walks, Neighborhood Association meetings and by knocking on thousands of doors throughout the campaign.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to talk with him about your neighborhood, please reach out!

You deserve respect.

Paul knows that we Bellevue residents won’t always agree on everything, but he commits to always listening to your concerns and responding to you respectfully.

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