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Smart Growth

Paul believes in promoting smart growth that increases housing stock, while protecting neighborhoods and keeping Bellevue feeling like a city in a park.

New growth

The city of Bellevue plans on adding up to 35,000 new housing units in the coming years, at all levels of affordability. Currently, Bellevue has the capacity in its growth corridors to accommodate nearly all of this growth. Upcoming zoning changes in the western-most portion of Wilburton (by I-405, not in the single-family portion) will accommodate the rest of the planned growth.  We need to focus new housing in the growth corridors near high-volume transit and not unnecessarily disrupt our neighborhoods.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Bellevue is a leader in helping our most vulnerable residents. But when the when the City Council  implemented code changes to support more permanent supportive housing, they rejected key safeguards that would have protected existing neighborhoods and PSH residents. Nine carefully crafted amendments, all rejected by a 4-3 margin. When elected Paul will listen to people in our community and vote for protections that keep our neighborhoods and all residents safe. 

City in a park

While serving on the Parks Board, Paul has had many opportunities to hear resident’s concerns about keeping Bellevue a city in a park. That’s why Paul was a strong supporter of 2022 Parks and Open Space levy that will preserve, create, and invest in new parks around Bellevue. Paul is keenly aware of underserved neighborhoods like Eastgate and Factoria who need new park and greenspace development and will work to provide equitable access for those areas.

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