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A Truly Nonpartisan Choice for Bellevue

As we approach the pivotal decision on our city's future, I want to shed light on an important aspect of this campaign that sets us apart.

Keeping Bellevue's Common Sense Tradition

Bellevue has a rich history of nonpartisan governance. It's a tradition that reflects our commitment to putting our city and its residents first, regardless of political affiliations.

Unfortunately, there are efforts to bring Seattle-style politics to Bellevue, with partisan groups attempting to influence our city's direction. We must remain vigilant to protect the nonpartisan values that have defined our community.

John Stokes' Partisan Approach

My opponent, John Stokes, is running a very partisan campaign. This approach is, in part, a result of his struggle to gain bipartisan support. Unlike John, I am proud to be the only nonpartisan candidate in this race, receiving bipartisan support from not only the Seattle Times but also a wide array of local political, community, and business leaders.

It's essential to consider the influence of partisan groups in this race. John has received thousands of dollars in support from these groups, which inevitably impact the direction he'll take if elected.

A Pledge to Bellevue

I am committed to preserving our city's unique character, fostering a prosperous business environment, and ensuring safety for all our residents. My approach transcends party lines, and I'm honored to have the support of numerous leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Let's keep Bellevue the thriving, nonpartisan city we know and love. I encourage you to vote for Paul Clark for Bellevue City Council. Together, we'll ensure Bellevue's future remains guided by the principles of unity and community.

Thank you for your support and dedication to our incredible city.

With gratitude,

Paul Clark

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